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Misc. Gems & Minerals

  • Creedite Specimen - MCRE003 - Regularly $64.00
    Creedite Specimen - MCRE003 - Regularly $64.00
    This Creedite specimen is from Mexico. It ranges from a smoky gray to orange and its crystals are transparent, jutting out roughly an eighth to a quarter inch. The piece itself is 3.5" wide and 2.5" tall. What a fabulous...
  • Creedite Specimen - MCRE005 - Regularly $94.00
    Creedite Specimen - MCRE005 - Regularly $94.00
    Resembling a porcupine, this unique Creedite specimen is covered in small orange transulcent crystals and is 2" tall, 3" wide. The largest single crystal is a dark shade of orange and almost a 1/2 " wide...
  • Creedite Specimen - MCRE001 - Regularly $136.00
    Creedite Specimen - MCRE001 - Regularly $136.00
    Although the name Creedite derives from its' original local, Creede, Colorado, this unusual specimen of Creedite is from Mexico. At over 1 1/2 lbs, this piece stands at 3" tall and is 5" wide! Much of the piece looks like...

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