Ruby in Matrix Pocket Rock Set MDPR022

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Ruby in Matrix Pocket Rock Set

I love rubies.  Okay, I love most rocks.  I used to wear a ruby ring every day until I gave it away to one of my best friends who was ill.  I still wear my ruby earrings quite regularly and have a pocket rock set of several types of rubies that I have shoved in my pockets when I was having extreme fatigue.  Ruby helps me to "go" when all my get up and go has went.  I think that is really how I exclusively use it, even though it's also associated with prosperity and durablity/endurance.  When I got no go, I shove ruby in my pockets.  They also rank as one of my Top 5 universally useful gridding stones, which you can read more about by clicking here.

These sets are a couple of ruby in matrix that seems to add more of that endurance and, hmm.. like a strong back energy, to the va va varoom of the ruby.  It would be a good set for anyone who was just tired out and needed more physical vitality. 

Stock photos are used, but I pick very consistent sets.  The ruby in matrix stones measure approximately 1 - 1 1/4" and weigh approximately .08 lbs together.  You will receive ONE set of (2) two ruby in matrix stones to put in each front pocket.