Lodestone Pocket Rock Set MDPR006

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Lodestone Pocket Rock Set 
Abundance, Grounding, and Protection

This is a pocket rock set of two natural lodestones.  Because of the influence of a magnet over iron, lodestone symbolizes the power of attraction.  It is used traditionally to call in abundance, clients, and good luck.  In many cultures it also represents love, desire, and fidelity.  In antiquity lodestone was associated with Hercules.  Just as he used his incredible strength to complete his twelve labors, the force within a magnet overpowers iron. Because of these historical associations, people use lodestone for empowerment, overcoming obstacles, and protection.  Lodestone is fantastic to help connect deeper to the Earth's magnetic field, especially during solar flare activity. 

You will receive one set of pocket rocks, so two lodestones.  They measure approximately 3/4” - 1” wide by 1 - 1 1/4” long.  They weigh approximately 0.04 - 0.13 lbs.  Stock photo used.