"Attract Love" Pocket Rock Set MDPR021

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"Attract Love" Pocket Rock Set

There are few stones as multi-versed and useful as the humble lodestone (magnetite).  It's not particularly pretty, looking a little like gunmetal colored chewed up gum or something your cat hacked up.  Still, don't judge this rock by it's cover because you'd be missing out on some serious rock mojo. 

Lodestone is all about attracting what you want and repelling, or pushing away, what you don't want.  It's a natural earth magnet, so it has all those attributes.  I don't leave the house without this stuff if there is any solar flare activity at all.  But it is also quite useful to pair with other stones that help you get into the vibrational space to attract what you want to attract. 

The two things that people almost universally want to attract, if they don't already have it, is either love or abundance, right?  Well, this set is intended to do the "attract love" thing.  Now, be reasonable, you can't always hurry love, but if you'd like to be as receptive to the timing as possible, this is a good set.  The three stones of this set are lodestone, a sweet rose quartz heart, and a tumbled garnet.  Rose quartz is all about the love.  I call garnet the "happy marriage" stone.  It's a serial monogamy kind of energy, which seems like a happy marriage to me. 

Stock photos are used, but the sets are consistent.  The rose quartz hearts are approximately 1" across, same as the lodestone.  the garnet is about the size of a chocolate covered peanut, 1/2".  They weigh approximately .08 lbs together.  You will receive ONE set of (1) one rose quartz heart, (1) one lodestone, and (1) tumbled garnet, a total of 3 stones.