Petrified Wood

Permineralization is the process when minerals are leached into the chemical makeup of an organism and replace the original structures to create a hard, preservable object with the visible internal structures. These minerals are leached into the buried object from the groundwater, lakes and oceans. When this occurs in buried and undecomposed wood, it creates Petrified Wood. The various elements, compounds, and minerals will color the wood differently, and it is these combinations, which are responsible for the beautifully colored patterns in petrified wood. Copper, Cobalt or Chromium deposits cause a green or blue color. Manganese-pink, Carbon-black, Iron Oxides-red, brown and yellow, Manganese Oxides-black, Silica-white and gray. This petrified wood is from Madagascar and is approx 92-120 million years old!

Steady growth, patience, inner peace, and past-life recall.