Large Shungite Pyramid MDSG080

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Large Shungite Pyramid

Most of shungite's modern metaphysical properties derive from the alchemical transformation that produced it.  Shungite is an organic material (spirit) produced by aquatic algae colonies (water and air) that was buried underground (earth) and then later exposed to heat from magma (fire).  It is used for purification, to transmute heavier energies, and spiritual protection.  Shungite is one of my favorite stones with which to work because it could be argued that all healing, spiritual evolution, and energy work of any kind requires transformation.  It's not a fluffy "white light" stone.  If you work with shungite, be ready for some personal work.

If you would like to read more about shungite, please see my blog article here.

We have a small lot of these large shungite pyramids.  This is a stock photo.  You will receive ONE shungite pyramid.  They weigh approximmately 1.66 lbs and measure approximately 3 1/4" X 5 1/2" X 4".  Although there are small variations between them in size.  They appear to be polished by hand with lapidary equipment.  Because the stone is soft, making it difficult to carve with precision like quartz, some of the sides slope slightly.      

Shungite is more like charcoal in its natural form and it makes it more difficult to make it totally smooth.  There may be a little crazing or slightly bumpy "dragon skin" at the surface.  Also, there may be streaks, some rough areas, and some lines which may be from the irregular polishing of this material, as well as small streaking and design from included pyrite.