Copal & Sunstone Pocket Rock Set MDPR017

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Copal & Sunstone Pocket Rock Set

This set is meant to be sunshine in your pockets.  Copal is newly fossilized tree sap, which is intimately connected to the energy of the sun in both its color and origin.  Sunstone is... well.... called ~sun~ stone because of it's lovely bright orange flash.  I see both of these stones as having a soothingly warming energy.  Since the front pockets are closely aligned with the root and sacral chakras, placing two sunny orange stones there puts them exactly where they want to be to do the most good.  Put one in your left pocket, the other in the right.

I would use this set to add some extra pep to me on days when I am dragging a*s.  If you are one who has a low mood on days where the sun is not shining, I would definitely recommend throwing these in your pocket.  Also, they are a good combo for after-care in circumstances when someone is a tad in shock.  I had a hunk of copal in my bra every day when I was going through my divorce, too.  It seemed to help catch energetic "debris" being thrown my way by "Mister".  That was helpful.  Also, this would be great to tend to the sacral chakra when you need some zesty, spontaneous and creative juices flowing. 

Christopher wants me to tell you that copal is kinda soft and it makes him nervous for it to be in a pocket rock set.  But, I had a hunk of copal in my bra daily for a year and the sucker was fine.  I also selected small, sturdy pieces.  So, fyi. :)  Copal is not as durable as other stones--but as long as you aren't throwing your pockets up against the wall, you should be fine.

A stock photo is used, but I really work hard at selecting consistent sets.  The copal is approximately 1 - 1 1/4 X 1/2".  The sunstone is approximately 1 X 1/2".  The set weighs .03 lbs.  You will receive ONE set of (1) copal and (1) sunstone, a total of two stones.