Smoky and Labradorite Pocket Rocks MDPR001

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Smoky Quartz & Labradorite Pocket Rock Set

This pocket combination uses one natural Smoky Quartz and one Labradorite.  The Smoky keeps you grounded with enhanced "boundary integrity" and the Labradorite helps to fill in any weakness in your overall auric field.  This power combo is protective and stabilizing because it makes your energy field stronger and less vulnerable to being "pushed around" by outside influence, especially if you have empathic tendencies.

You will receive one pair of Smoky/Labradorite stones with an info card on how to use them as your Pocket Rocks. Sizes & shapes of stones vary slightly ranging from 1.25-1.5", and of course the labradorite flash will be different from stone to stone. Stock photo used.