Reiki Healing Support Crystal Stone Grid MDGRID011

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Reiki Healing Support Grid


Center: Selenite
Inner Petal: Amethyst Lightening Scepters
Star: Girasol
Triangle: Golden Labradorite
Open Circle: Ammonite
Dot: Serephinite
Square: Indigo Gabbro
Outside Circle: Salt



This grid is designed to amp up and support Reiki healing sessions or attunements. The energies would be cleansing and purifiying, as well as adding a layer of spiritual guidance, auric field/energy body integrity support, and an raising the vibrations to be more in alignment with higher states of consciousness and spiritual states.



Adding a layer of energetic gunk removal makes getting the Reiki where it needs to go much smoother and will help more empathic healers to not have so much stuff to clear after they assist others. Additionally, Reiki attunements can often “snake the pipes” very strongly in new practitioners and cause a healing crisis. This grid would help to process out some of that stuff that gets churned up in an attunement and allow it to more gracefully exit the system before it causes discomfort.



I would recommend setting this grid up under a chair, if you are facilitating an attunement, so that the selenite mountain is set up immediately under, and in alignment with, the central chakra column into which the Reiki symbols are anchored. You may wish to have your students sit and meditate with this grid under their chairs for a time being before you even start the attunement, so that you give the cleansing action a chance to clear the channels before you begin.



If you are facilitating a Reiki or energy healing session, the grid can be placed under the massage table while you are working. I would typically set it up in the middle of the table, but I often will set it up under the heart chakra of the person I'm working on because it's the heart and emotional body that tend to have the most build up in general.



Additionally, for some of the same reasons, this would be an excellent grid to set up underneath a chair for solitary, non-healer facilitated meditative or energy healing work you may do on yourself. For example, if you are connecting to your spiritual helpers for healing, or if you are downloading spiritual energies of any kind, the actions of this grid would support the structural integrity of the system to accept spiritual energy more easily, as well as provide additional protective, clearing, and vibrational support.


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You may wish to purchase the optional Selenite Wand for grid activation.  Crystal points, other wands, or your finger can be used intstead.

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