Solar Flare Support Crystal Stone Grid MDGRID005

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The Solar Flare Mitigation Crystal Stone Grid

Center Circle: Petrified Wood, Lepidolite, Sunstone
Triangle: Shungite
Star: Yellow Golden Opal
Dot: Amblygonite
Open Circle: Ruby
Square: Lodestone
Outside Circle: Girasol Quartz

Solar flares that send CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections) towards earth can easily create agitation in those who are sensitive to energy.  The side effects can be distress, being spaced out, emotional instability, exhaustion, poor sleep quality, feeling antsy or anxious, and generally just feeling poopy.  I'm always amazed by how many sensitive folks aren't aware of how much they are pushed around by magnetic storms caused by solar flares.  You can get alerts on if you want to know when these events are likely to take place.

This grid is intended to help mitigate the pain the butt side effects from solar flares for those individuals who feel negatively influenced by magnetic disturbances.  I would also recommend using the Lodestone Pocket Rock Set during the days when you know that a flare is going to be causing trouble.

I would recommend placing this grid in a common area in the home or office.  If you are having sleep problems, try putting it by your bed.   Essentially, the grid should be in whatever environment you notice feeling the most affected by solar flares.

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 You may wish to purchase the optional Selenite Wand for grid activation.  Crystal points, other wands, or your finger can be used instead.

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