Ibis Jasper 7-Stone Reiki Grid MDREIKI001

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Ibis Jasper 7-Stone Reiki Grid
7 stones weigh approximately .75 - .90 lbs
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Reiki Grids are a set of 7 same type stones that are arranged in a Star of David pattern with a center stone.  This is the most basic of all Flower of Life/Seed of Life grid configurations.  It is a good choice when you want to significantly amplify the proactive healing energies of a single rock vibration.  It is easily upgraded to a "unique center" Reiki grid by simply changing the center stone to another type of stone that you would like to add to the energy, or to use the center stone as a "technical worker" to maximize grid energies for a specific purpose.

Examples of unique center stones would be to change the shape of the center stone to 
1) a sphere: to create a large, more gentle energy field, that could be expanded to fill the space of a whole room, home, or environment. 
2) a point/pointed stone: to create a tighter, stronger central vortex, that directs grid energy in a far more concentrated "beam", which is great for auric field interactive grids under a massage table, bed, or chair. 
3) a cluster: to create a disco ball play of beams throughout the room, which would connect with individuals at intervals of higher to lower intensity.

If you wish for the grid to maintain the same basic vibrations of one type of stone, it would be totally okay to use selenite or clear quartz shaped stones as the unique center stone.  

Another reason that Reiki Grids are useful is that once you have a decent collection of many types of Reiki Grids, you can begin to play with your variables in larger multi-stone grids.  Think of it like playing one tone with a Reiki Grid and then building the vibrations until you have a more complex Seed of Life Grid that is more like a full song, full background music.

Ibis Jasper is a particularly beautiful new jasper from Madagascar that is a potent ally in shadow healing and wisdom integration work.  It is an energy that takes one from the drama/pain filled myopic view of challenges and events that happen to us through life and shifts us to a position of being better able to perceive the pain, event, and subsequent shadow, or negative impact, that is left in the wake of being human.  It helps us to understand, fill, and heal those shattered, fractured places that can and should be used as an opportunity to grow and evolve into ever higher functioning.  To read the full write up on Ibis Jasper, please click here

You can find directions on how to use crystal grids and various templates that are free to download anytime by clicking here.