"Kundalini Rising" Nadi & Meridian Sweep Energy Maintenance Set MDPR012

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Kundalini Rising Nadi & Meridian Sweep Energy Maintenance Set
Before Christopher came around, I have to be honest to being somewhat ambivalent about fossils, except for past-life and dream work.  However, I am now a believer.  Sometime in 2012 I had a very painful experience with my kundalini firing ~ugly~.  I'm talking about ~kneeling on the ground and crying~ bad.  Christopher helped me to alleviate the symptoms of what was likely a nasty blockage over the course of several months through mostly the use of fossils, such as the ammonites, nautaloids, and sand dollars.  I still grab them and stick em in my pocket for the day when it feels like my subtle body is clogged up.  This particular set is more in alignment with clearing the nadi and the meridian sytem of blockages, though some alignment work is also done. 

The  set consists of one cut nautilus pair and one ammonite pair.  The chakra  system has three main currents: one along the spine and two that wrap  around it.  The major and minor chakras are located where they  intersect.  The shape of the nautilus, with the siphuncle in the middle of  its shell, resembles the central channel that runs directly along the  spine.  While an ammonite resembles the side channels, which wrap around  it, since the tube runs on the bottom.  These energy signatures suggest  they could restore flow together either to the chakra system or the  meridians of Chinese medicine.  They could also be used to regulate  kundalini, which rises up the central channel, after the energy of the  side channels combines together. For example, meditating with them at  the Root Chakra, where it originates, near a blockage, or along one of  the side channels, if kundalini has painfully arisen there incorrectly.

An ammonite is an extinct type of cephalopod whose living cousins include the octopus and cuttlefish.   Like an  ammonite, a nautilus is a type of cephalopod. However it passes through the middle of each section in most nautilus  species.  These particular shells have been cut as a pair and polished to reveal their chambers and the siphuncle tube inside.

You  will receive one cut nautilus pair and one cut ammonite pair.  The ammonites measure approximately 1 1/4” – 1 3/4" at their  longest by 1” – 1 1/2" at their widest.  The nautili measure approximately 1 1/4” - 1 3/4”.  They weigh approximately 0.14 - 0.18 lbs. as  a set.  Polished fossils can have repairs, chips and voids, and places  where the original shell still remains.