Girasol Quartz Crystal Skull MDSKU016

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Girasol Quartz Crystal Skull
4 1/2" x 5 3/4" x 3 1/2"
4.20 lbs (skull)
5.37 lbs (skull with decorative box)

Enter the Earth is quickly becoming a main source for high definition carved crystal skulls.  As each of the skulls are carved from natural rock, it is common for there to be some internal fractures, iron oxide inclusions, or natural variations.  Great care has been taken to photograph the skulls at as many angles as possible to make sure that you can see the full scope of any natural fracturing.

Girasol quartz is one of those weird versions of quartz that has the appearance that it is softly glowing in the light.  When you look at it with light behind it, it gives off a golden yellow glow, as if it has an aura.  It is mined in the same mines at star rose quartz, which is why some folks call it white rose quartz.  Some folks have called it girasol opal, in error.  It's not an opal, but it does have the same translucence found in common opals, like blue and pink Andean opal.  I can see why people were confused.

Girasol can be express from bright clear, dark smoky, to sometimes a very pale pink.  This particular skull has just the slightest smoky undertone, which highlights a protective side.  The back of the skull seems to have what looks to me as a "skull cap", with a natural fracture that goes in a freeform circle-ish shape.  There are layers of inner veiling that give this skull beautiful depth.

I pulled 3 main Crystal Whisper cards for this skull:

Global Worker

Achievement & Goal Tending


I would interpret the card reading that this skull helps lightworkers plug into the Earth systems, empowering those connections, so that purposeful healing work can be downloaded and disbursed. The other element of support seems to be in adjusting perception to inspire creative projects to come to fruition.  I am reminded of the kind of projects that are a seed of inspiration from Spirit to create something that encourages deeper spiritual practice, like building a labyrinth, or something similar. 

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