Finding & Attracting Love Crystal Stone Grid MDGRID009

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Finding & Attracting Love Crystal Stone Grid

Center: Rose Quartz Heart
Inner Petal: "Moroccomers" (like Herkimers from Morocco)
Star: Carnelian Agate
Triangle: Quantum Quatro Silica
Open Circle: Garnet
Dot: Emerald
Square: Rhodochrosite
Outside Circle: Lodestone
Outside Flanking: Rutilated Quartz & Rainbow Moonstone

Ahh, Love, what a grave mental illness you are, but we want you anyway.  We want you bad. This grid is intended to help you be in greater resonance with juicy, romantic love.  You may still have all sorts of other work to do before you stumble upon a wonderful new romance, but if you are ready to start roving for your Prince/ess Charming, this may be a useful layer to add to your "come hither" energy work.  

I recommend placing this on your altar or near your bed (unless it's too stimulating for sleep) and be general, instead of specific, when you create your intentions for this work.  For example, if you are crushing on someone, it's probably not ethical to be trying to weave them in to these energies without permission.  Respect free will, eh?  However, you can simply state your intention that you are ready and eager for a loving, romantic relationship to begin in your life with the most appropriate person.  It might be nice to leave the Universe some room to bring someone to you that you may not have even been able to dream of yet. 

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You may wish to purchase the optional Selenite Wand for grid activation.  Crystal points, other wands, or your finger can be used instead.

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