Sun Stone Synergy Pouch MDPH021

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The Sun Stone Synergy Pouch

The sun represents the Divine Masculine, devotion, creativity, perceptual shifts, the conscious self, spiritual enlightenment, abundance, well being, longevity, and the bestower of life.  The sun is the ruler of astrological sign of Leo and the 5th House.  This set brings the energy sunshine into whatever space in which it is activated.  The stone synergy is highly spiritual and could be used as a tool to connect in with spiritual helpers and the Divine.  It can be used to empower vitality, potency, confidence, authority, and self-mastery.          

The Stones Included: Citrine, Amethyst Scepter, Yellow Quartz Point, Rutilated Quartz, Sunsone, Golden Quartz, Pyrite, Golden Opal, Ruby  

We use representative stock photos when the specimens or sets are similar. This allows us to save you money. We generally select the least impressive set of all that have been assembled to use for stock photos so that you will at the very least get what is photographed, or better. :)

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved this tool or specimen for any purpose. The descriptions are spiritual and intuitive in nature and reflect our best philosophical opinion of esoteric and metaphysical purposes of these tools. Please see an appropriate health care provider for any conditions you may have.