Stegodon Fossil Bone Beads 1 - 24 inch Strand - ETMB001

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You will receive one (1) strand of Stegodon Bone Beads similar to what is pictured.  These are a grey and brown/beige color.  

Each strand is approx. 24 inches long.
Beads vary in size.  Approx. 11-15mm (depending on the strand).

Our fossil beads are carved by artists in Indonesia. The raw materials come from stegodons,
an extinct animal from the Proboscidea family, mammals with a trunk, found near the Solo River in
central Java. The site has been dated to the Pliocene era, 1.9 million years ago. Their name comes from
the Greek stegein “to cover, to roof” + odous “tooth”, after the roof shaped ridges of their teeth. Their
exact relationship to other species is a matter of debate. Paleontologists once thought they were the
ancestor of the elephant and mammoth but now believe they were their cousin. Their bones suggest
that stegodons resembled living elephants, although larger, more robust, and with more prominent
tusks. Some individuals had tusks so large and close together, their trunks had to drape over them.