Star Rose Quartz Sphere - MRQ010

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 Star Rose Quartz Sphere

Star rose quartz is an exotic rose quartz found in Madagascar.  It has tiny fibers of dumortierite which creates asterism, or 6-ray star, effect on the surface of the stone.  It's easiest to see in bright light and on a rounded surface.  It is often very translucent and gemmy and can range from pale pink to lavender to an incredible magenta color.  I consider star rose quartz to be very zoomy rose quartz, which is all about love and assistance to the emotional body.  The star adds a Divine Love aspect, in my opinion.  It's especially lovely with which to do Rose Quartz Heart Breathing or any heart specific or emotionally body energy work.  Sweet, super sweet.

I take photos in many different forms of light so that you can see it in a variety of settings.  Flash and the dark background makes the color a bit richer than the actual pieces, but the flash also lets you see how gemmy it is. 

This sphere is flippin gorgeous.  It has no iron oxide inclusions at all and is really, really clean and gemmy.  There are some natural internal fractures that is normal for this material, but they are actually very cool and form an X and other neat layering effects within the stone that adds to the multi-dimensional feel of it.  Yeah, this one is super awesome.  

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This sphere measures approximately 3" across and weighs 1.48 lbs.


*Stand is not included.