Star Rose Quartz Massage Wand RQ045

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Star Rose Quartz Massage Wand
Measures Approximately: 4" x 1 1/2" x 1/2"
Weighs Approximately: 8.2 oz

A beautiful and practical hand carved star rose quartz massage wand that is easy to hold and roll over muscles.  This is beautiful and has a thumb print sized rainbow in it.  

Rose quartz is known as "the stone of love".  It supports and expands all forms of love, such as nurturing, maternal, unconditional, romantic, and humanitarian love.  Also, and perhaps especially, self-love.  It can be used in healing work that needs to address the wounding of the heart or heavy emotional experiences.  

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We take pictures of the rose quartz under several different lighting conditions.  It's more difficult to capture the true pink, but we do our best.  Please be aware that the tone may look different on your screen.