Silver Sheen Obsidian Crystal Skull, High Definition Carving MDSKU011

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Silver Sheen Obsidian Crystal Skull "Kawar Style"

There is much speculation about the age and origin of the artifacts known as the “crystal skulls”, quartz carvings in the shape of a human skull. Unlike organic matter, there is no reliable test to date the manufacture of stone objects. Trace inclusions of chlorite does suggest they were carved from either Brazilian or Madagascan quartz.

Recent analysis has revealed modern tool markings on some of them, suggesting they may only originate from the late 19th and early 20th century. However they could also be ancient carvings altered later. Whatever their actual origin, they have become symbols in both popular culture and modern spirituality of wisdom, especially ancestral understanding, the expansion of consciousness, and the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth.

Nader Kawar, one of the owners of Enter the Earth, collects crystal skulls. He commissioned these high definition carvings to his specifications. This medium skull is made of silver sheen obsidian, from Davis Creek, California.  The same area produces black, gold, and rainbow sheen obsidian.  This piece has attractive vertical banding across the skull, alternating black and silvery gray.  However there is little to no flash.  This patterning creates two eye like shapes on each side of the skull, one being very light in color.  There is a natural hairline fracture from the left eye socket down through the jaw.

This skull weighs aproximately 0.52 lbs. and measures approximately 2 1/2"X 2 3/4" X 2".