Septarian Massage Wand SPT019

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Septarian Massage Wands
Measures Approximately: 2 3/4" x 1" x 1/2" 
Weighs Approximately:  Between 1.7 - 2.5 oz
For 1 (ONE) Massage Wand
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These are smaller wands, but they would be great to get a hold of pressure points, as well as massage on the hands, feet, and neck.  I'd use a larger wand on larger muscle groups.

Although often called septarian nodules, this sedimentary rock is more technically a concretion. A concretion is a spherical, egg shaped, or irregular mass that forms around a nucleus. They often develop radial cracks that get filled in by other minerals. Their geological formation is still a matter of debate. Madagascan septaria are gray to brown limestone with yellow calcite and brown to black aragonite. Some pieces have colorless baryte. The name septarium (plural septaria) comes from the Latin septum (“partition”).

Metaphysically, septarians are fantastic during healing work that requires drawing energy out of various areas.  It also would be useful in seeing the patterns of a larger picture, especially as it relates to how past events or situations may have created patters of energy that need to be detoxed from the system.