Selenite Crystal Grid Set of 6- SEL003

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Selenite Sticks for Crystal Grids - Set of 6

There are few stones as good in a crystal grids than selenite.  It behaves similar to a double terminated quartz point in a grid as the fibers of selenite throw energy in both directions, creating a strong central vortex, as well as increasing the diameter of the vortex.  Selenite holds "white light" frequency, which is both high vibrational as well as protective and clearing, which makes it perfect for any crystal grid theme.  I consider it a "technical worker", which means that it makes the crystal grid energy field more potent, regardless of more specific energies or intentions.  It's a must have for any serious crystal gridder. 

I matched the 6 selenite pieces for each set to be, more or less, symmetrical, which is desirable for crystal gridding purposes.  If you want to use the selenite sticks for other than gridding, consider the 1/2 lb selenite stick listing, which does not carry the additional labor of matching the sticks to be of matching size.  


The name selenite comes from the Greek moon goddess Selene.  Selenite is associated with purification, energy work, and balancing the Crown Chakra. If you would like to read more about selenite, please click here. 


They are approximately 1 1/2-2" X 1/2" X 1/2" and weigh roughly 2.2-3.6 oz in a set of 6. Stock photo is used.