Rose Quartz Rounded Free Form- MRQ033

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Rose Quartz Rounded Free Form

The free forms are so organic looking and a bit like the ghosts from Pacman, without the pointy bottoms.  They would make wonderful paper weights to keep your hippie love god/dess identity safe at the office. Ha.  

This free form has a very slight blush and also goes into kind of a pink girasol area.  Girasol and star rose quartz form in the same mine and sometimes they like to play "guess who" with us.        

I take pictures of the rose quartz under several different lighting conditions.  The flash tends to make them look pinker or darker then they appear in person, but it lets you see how gemmy they are.  I will make comments on the photos about which look the most color realistic.  Just click on the picture to see my comments.

To read more about rose quartz on my blog, please click here.

This free form 2 3/4 X 2 X 2" is approximately and weighs .60 lbs.