Ribbon Polychrome Jasper Sphere MDPJ009

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Polychrome Jasper Sphere

Polychrome Jasper is another one of those unique jaspers out of Madagascar.  It was happily discovered when people were searching for more Ocean Jasper, so they are roughly from the same area.  It is found on top of the ground on the top layer of the soil, and are sometimes also referred to as "Desert Jasper".  All jasper adds strength, protection, and endurance. 

The colors of this japer often form in landscape, eye, figurative, or totemic patterns.  These designs also speak to specific signatures that the individual stones carry.  It is about connecting to the wisdom of nature, such as with totems, nature and land spirits, as well as helping you to discern the metaphysical properties of other rocks or natural materials, like herbs, plants, etc. 

This sweet sphere is a "ribbon" polychrome jasper, which is characterized by lots of cool banding.  I see what looks to be like a bunny duck and a whale framed by the banding.  Poly does what she wants.

I wrote a long blog article about polychrome jasper, which you can read here. 

It measures approximately 2" and weighs .47 lbs. 

 *Stand is not included.