Rare Red Moroccan "Red Dragon Quartz" QTZ318

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Rare Moroccan Red Quartz
"Red Dragon Quartz"
Measures Approximately: 2 5/8" x 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"
Weighs Approximately: 3.2 oz

This specific quartz that is from Morocco is so rare that I had a hard time even researching it.  I found perhaps 5 specimens as far as I could roll out to look for it on the internet.  They were all quite expensive and none had a ton of information on it.  The bright, cherry red color comes from iron.  

I can say that these crystals, which we procured from a trusted Moroccan dealer with whom we often deal to round out our fossil collection, look and feel like spirit quartz and red phantom quartz had a baby.  Crystals from this location have those tiny druzy crystals growing up along a side, or many sides, of a larger crystal, almost as if it is draped in a cloak of sparkle terminations.  They are called "Red Dragon" because the textured small terminations looks like scales.  

Metaphysically, these druzy cloaked quartz crystals always represents some form of collective consciousness.  From the many, One.  The deep iron red coloring represents primal life force working in the material world.  If you are the next Keeper, you are probably going to have a nice thud about it.  I doubt it will be subtle.