Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Skull MDSKU041

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Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Skull
Measures Approximately:4"x 2 1/2" x 3"
Weighs Approximately: 1 lb 7.9 oz

Fluorite consist of calcium fluoride, a compound of calcium and fluorine. The name is derived from the Latin fluere (“to flow”). Fluorite can be used as a flux when smelting metals, promoting fluidity and removing impurities.

Metaphysically, fluorite is an excellent support for maintaining and remaining in the flow of a layer of consciousness that you care to be in.  It has an ordering effect, something like defragging the mental body in relationship to the rest of the system.  It can assist secured sleep, meditation, concentration, and other states of consciousness.

I did a Crystal Whisper card pull to try to get more information about what kind of specialized work that this skull might be able to offer.  I got three cards: Knot Worker, Abundance & Prosperity, and Karma Release & Forgivness.  Knot Worker makes sense in relationship to fluorite's normal energy of being a type of defrag of the system.  Knots in the system make it difficult for normal flow and the crystals that claim this support tend to untangle knots in the system that create blockage.  Abundance & Prosperity makes me move toward the abundance of flow or a new relationship with the flow of resources of the Universe to more effortlessly move through you, which if you did direct it toward manifestation, would technically be useful for prosperity, in a sense.  Karma Release & Forgiveness may give theme to the kind of "knots" that are specifically addressed to re-establish appropriate flow into the system.  I would interpret that as the keeper of this skull needing to do release work in order to let go of past imprints to establish a new flow and new energy for a fresh new path that feels abundant and beautiful.  If you are the intended new keeper, please cut and paste this reading into your files because once the listing is sold, the description becomes unavailable.  

Nader Kawar, owner of Enter the Earth, is a crystal skull connoisseur. Over the years he has made it a mission to produce some of the most anatomically correct crystal skull carvings on the market.  Our "high definition" skulls are among the most highly sought by true crystal skull enthusiasts because each one is an individual work of art.  The high definition skulls are labor intensive, individually carved, and use the most beautiful raw stone materials possible.    

Crystal skulls represent many things to many people.  Museums around the world display a variety of crystal skull carvings that are considered to be ancient artifacts.  However, there is great debate about the age and origin of the crystal skulls, which were first documented in the 19th and early 20th century.  Unlike organic materials, there is no reliable test to date the manufacture of stone objects.  Whatever their true origin, they have become symbols in both popular culture and modern spirituality, representing ancient wisdom, the ancestors, and attained human enlightenment and higher consciousness/mind.