Quartz Point with Hematite Inclusions QTZ277

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Quartz with Hematite Inclusions
Measures Approximately: 3" x 5/8" x 1/2"
Weighs Approximately: .9 oz

This quartz point has a nice spray of hematite, several ghost impressions of crystals that were once attached, as well as a terminated, flat crystal that is growing along one side that would be called a "Mother and Child" quartz configuration.  One small patch has tiny druzy crystals that makes it sparkly rough to the touch, like a cat's tongue. 

Quartz is the most common of the silica minerals. The group is all composed of silicon dioxide but have different crystal structures.  The others form under specific conditions like very high temperatures.  The name quartz comes from the German quarz, without a “t”.  It may be derived from the Polish kwardy (“hard”). Pure quartz is colorless but trace metal inclusions can color it purple (amethyst), yellow (citrine), and brown (smoky quartz). It also forms in fibrous varieties without visible crystals like chalcedony.

Hematite included quartz is ferruginous, colored red, yellow, or brownish orange by iron oxides like hematite and limonite.  It may be natural or heated to enhance the color by reducing its water content like carnelian. The name is derived from the Greek haimatoeides (“resembling blood”).