Petrified Wood Slab MDPETW004

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 Petrified Wood Slab

 Petrified wood is one of stones that I grab when I'm feeling emotionally wobbly and in need of significant stability.  Petrified wood is one of those elemental chameleons that began as a member of the plant kingdom and then hopped over to the mineral kingdom.  Often, the patterns left in the wood toddle off into the animal kingdom or behave in some other way as a "figure stone", which means that the patterns look like something.  It is incredibly good for grounding high light energies, creating balance and stability, protection, care, and endurance.

 Sweet pinks.  This slab feels energetically soft and soothing to me.  The pictures that I see within it are a flower, butterfly, and an organic infinity symbol.  I also see something that looks like someone stretching their back.  I pulled three Crystal Whisper cards and got "Distance Worker", "Empowering Connections", and "Knot Worker".  Hmm, well the first two actually fell onto the floor, so I'm thinking this would be a good base for a distance healing grid, or perhaps a nice base to place a photo of a loved one for whom you are actively praying or sending healing energy.  "Knot Worker" basically means releasing blockages or patterns of maladaption. 

This slab is approximately 6 X 5 X 3/4" and weighs .99 lbs.  This slab is polished on one side and natural/rough on the other.   


*Stand is not included.