Petrified Wood Slab MDPETW003

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 Petrified Wood Slab

 Petrified wood is one of stones that I grab when I'm feeling emotionally wobbly and in need of significant stability.  Petrified wood is one of those elemental chameleons that began as a member of the plant kingdom and then hopped over to the mineral kingdom.  Often, the patterns left in the wood toddle off into the animal kingdom or behave in some other way as a "figure stone", which means that the patterns look like something.  It is incredibly good for grounding high light energies, creating balance and stability, protection, care, and endurance.

 This slab looks like it have a dove eye in the center that is outlined in druzy crystals. Doves represent peace or the conclusion of an arduous cycle.  Eyes represent insight, perception, and the watchful eye of the Divine.  The colors are earth toned, but it seems like some of those colors are thinking about green ever so slightly.  There are interesting block patterns in it, almost like it is structured like building blocks or a puzzle.  Hmm, yes... another "parts of a whole" worker.  I see another eye in the design within one of the "block" patterns.  I would take this to mean perspective support, guidance, or protection while you do some kind of "wholeness" work that requires the reintegration of many chunks of information or bits of energy.    

 This is a great size for charging a glass of water.  I would definitely use it that way.

 This slab is approximately 6 1/4 X 4 1/4 X 1/2" and weighs .98 lbs.  This slab is polished on both sides.   


*Stand is not included.