Petrified Wood & Green Earth Healing Quartz Pocket Rock Set MDPR016

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Petrified Wood & Green Earth Healing Quartz Pocket Rock Set

I wanted to put a pocket rock set together that was good for plugging deeply into the material and natural world for stability and care, as well as for healing.  The Green Earth Healer quartz has ended up in a couple good combinations, one with Ocean Jasper and one with petrified wood. 

For me, I see the pairing with petrified wood to be very strongly connected to the herbal kingdom through its alignment with trees.  Green Earth Healing quartz is made mossy green by epidote inclusions and epidote increases the effectiveness of whatever is going on around it.  This would be a very good set for a herbal healer, flower essence maker, global lightworker, as well as a great power combo for anyone who is going through a healing process that requires endurance and the assistance of the herbal kingdom.   

Stock photos are used, but I definitely pick sets that are as consistent as possible.  The petrified wood measures approximately 1 1/2 X 1".  The Green Earth Healing quartz measures approximately 1 1/2 X 3/4".  They weigh approximately .12 lbs together.  You will receive ONE set of (1) one petrified wood hand-polished pebble and (1) one natural Green Earth Healing quartz crystal.