Ocean Jasper Sphere MDOJ042

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Ocean Jasper Sphere

Ocean Jasper is a trade name for an orbicular chalcedony found only in northwest Madagascar.  "Orbicular" refers to the spherical patterning in many pieces.  Although the name chalcedony is not commonly known, the mineral is actually the mother stone of many semiprecious gems: red chalcedony is called carnelian, black is onyx, and the banded is better known as agate.  Ocean Jasper can be translucent to opaque, with orbs and layers in a wide range of colors, although primarily white, green, and cream.  It was first discovered in 1999 by Paul Obeniche, the mentor to Nader Kawar, the owner of Enter the Earth.  

Ocean Jasper is associated metaphysically with balancing "parts to the whole", addressing components of a system and then reintegrating them, like an individual chakra to the entire subtle body.  Orbicular stones have been used traditionally for insight, intuitive development, and spiritual protection.  Ocean Jasper is a popular tool today for purification, peace during change, and emotional support.  When it was first discovered the mine was only accessible at low tide, associating it with these spiritual qualities of the sea.

We did a fresh reading on Ocean Jasper that you can read at Stacie's old blog, just click here.

Lately people have really been responding to the creamy colored Ocean Jasper from the first vein.  One side of this sphere is a swirl of off white chalcedony and clear druzy quartz.  Then dark green, golden yellow, and a delicate pink appear, followed by a scattering of green "flowers", orbs ringed by tiny quartz crystals.    

This sphere weighs aproximately 1.61 lbs. and measures approximately 3" across.


*Stand is not included.