Ocean Jasper Medallion MDOJ021

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Ocean Jasper Medallion

Ocean Jasper is our specialty.  Nader basically is the distributor through which everyone else in the country gets the good stuff.  Ocean Jasper is only found in Madagascar. It gets its name because the deposit is on the coast and originally was only accesible during low tide. Because of its eye like patterns, Ocean Jasper is used for protection, spiritual guidance, and psychic development. Its connection to the ocean links it to the moon, so many people use it to balance the emotions, sleep, and dreams. Because it is primarily white, green, and yellow in color, is draws spiritual energy into the middle chakras of the subtle body.

Christopher and I did a fresh reading on Ocean Jasper that you can read at my old blog, just click here.

Medallions are free form rounded shapes that are fully polished, including the edges, and flat on both sides.  They make excellent body layout shapes because they are less likely to roll off the body and are a managable size for practical energy work.  This piece measures approximately 4 3/4 X 2 1/2 X 1/2" and weighs .44 lbs.  This has a "scenic" layered in bands type of pattern. It's got a little bit of druzy with dark green, peach, rust, white, and earth tones.  There is a natural internal vein of white quartz going cross wise against the natural banding pattern that I can feel with my finger as a crack on some of the medallion.  This would be symbolic of needing to heal and integrate something traumatic in life that created a crack in the landscape, so to speak.  Think of it like an "empathic" crystal that has taken some hits and is functioning as a "wounded healer" for a wounded healer.

*Stand is not included.