New Moon Stone Synergy Pouch MDPH020

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The New Moon Stone Synergy Pouch


The New Moon is the period of time when the moon reflects none of the sun's light.  It traditionally has been linked to the "Dark Goddess", which corresponds to gestation, the womb, the period of time of rest and reflection, and the blood mysteries.  It still connects directly, like the full moon, to the principles of the Divine Feminine, but instead of active principles, it is more about shedding, shifting, hibernating, and female fierceness.  It can often represent the tough love of a mother when you are not "on path" and need a shove in the right direction for your own good.  The Moon has long been associated with life changes, the emotional body, the ocean, dreams, meditation, and enhanced vision. The Moon rules the zodiac sign Cancer and is associated with the Fourth House in astrology.


The Stones Included: Black Moonstone, Hematoid Quartz Points, Starry Jasper, Obsidian, Cat's Eye, Tourmaline, Dragon Stone, Himalayan Salt 

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Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved this tool or specimen for any purpose. The descriptions are spiritual and intuitive in nature and reflect our best philosophical opinion of esoteric and metaphysical purposes of these tools. Please see an appropriate health care provider for any conditions you may have.