Multicolored Labradorite All Polished Freeform Sculpture MDLAB027

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Multicolored Labradorite Freeform Sculpture


Labradorite is part of the plagioclase series of feldspars, a group of chemically related minerals that vary in their proportion of calcium and sodium.  Labradorite contains both.  As a feldspar, it’s the cousin of stones like amazonite, moonstone, and sunstone.  The name comes from the Labrador Peninsula in eastern Canada, where it was first documented in the early 18th century.

It is best known for its iridescent flash of colors, known more technically as labradorescense, after the stone.  This optical effect is created by light reflecting off lamellar intergrowths inside, layers with slightly different chemistries that separated out as the stone was cooling.  Metaphysically labradorite is associated with intuitive development, spiritual protection, and aligning the chakras of the energy body.

This freeform sculpture can be set up multiple ways, enhancing different parts of its flash.  The flash is predominantly on one face, with greenish blue and golden yellows areas.  There are a few vibrant patches on the back and along its edges.  The piece has natural hairline fractures on a few surfaces, especially along the thick edge.  The front face is relatively clear.  Additionally there a few bright specks from pyrite inclusions.

To read more about the metaphysical properties of labradorite and spectralite, check out Stacie's blog here.

This particular freeform sculpture weighs approximately 5.72 lbs. and measures approximately 6"X 4 1/2" X 2 1/2".