Multi-Colored Tourmaline Natural Drilled Crystal 16" Strand JEW036

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Multi-Colored Tourmaline Drilled Crystal Strand
Measures Approximately 16"
Weighs Approximately 1 oz
Crystal Size from Chip to 1/4" - 1/2" long
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These are absolutely gorgeous natural, rough drilled tourmaline crystals in the colors of green, pink, blue, and watermelon.  They are strung with a necklace type closure--and some have worn them without restringing--but they would be better busted out of the temporary necklace and made into far grander creations.  

Tourmaline is most known for filtering, protective, and aligning properties.  The pink and green varieties is known better for filtering the heavy energies of those we love and have a natural connection vs. black tourmaline which is far more aggressive protection.  There aren't a lot of crystals that are blue, but they do show up.  The pink and green are the most common and the whole strand looks good enough to eat.  But don't eat them.  That would be weird. :)