Mahajanga Sutured Ammonites and Shells in Matrix MDAMM021

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Mahajanga Sutured Ammonites and Shells in Matrix

This extra large piece is a collection of large sutured ammonites in situ, preserved in their original matrix with other shells.  It appears to be natural, rather than commercially staged.  Some of the ammonite shells were polished to reveal a red or blue flash, created by some of the original mother of pearl.  The back side has an interesting negative impression with a blue flash.  There are smaller ammonites between the larger, some blue flash, one sutured, and a range of different small shells.  The shells tend to be less preserved than the ammonites, with some breakage.  One of the ammonites has a small ding in its shell, although it appears to be original.

Ammonites are the fossilized remains of an extinct squid-like animal with an external chambered shell. Metaphysically associated with abundance, guidance along life's path, and personal, psychic, and spiritual development; aligning and balancing the chakra system, detecting and releasing energy blocks, clearing the meridians and nadi (“chakra channels”); spiritual protection, space clearing, and blessing a home.  Since ammonites are so closely associated with energy work, this particular piece would be perfect for a healing space, like underneath a massage table.  The ammonites are facing opposite directions, like a yin and yang balance.

If you'd like to read more about the metaphysical properties of ammonites, please click here.

This ammonite come from the Mahajanga River Basin, near the village of Ambatolafia, in the Sitampiky commune, in the Boeny region of northwest Madagascar (left), located in the former province of Mahajanga/Majunga. They date from the Early Cretaceous period, Albian age (~100 t0 113.0 million years ago).

It weighs approximately 27.83 lbs. and measures approximately 6" X 1' 7" X 11".