"Lilac" Dendritic Agate Free Form DAG002

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Lilac Dendritic Agate Freeform
Measures Approximately: 9 7/8" x 3 1/4" x 2"
Weighs Approximately: 5 lbs 11 oz

"Lilac Agate", our name for this more rare form of dendritic agate from Madagascar, has a unique play of natural light purple agate with light green to cream and white agate with sprays of delicate black dendrites.  While agates are often dyed purple in the market, finding natural purple shades in agate is quite rare.  

Dendritic agate is a variety of chalcedony with branching iron or manganese oxide inclusions that developed along fine cracks. (Although commonly believed to be pyrolusite, research suggests other manganese oxides are responsible instead.) The name comes from the Greek dendrites (“tree like”).  Dendritic agate may have fern like patterning or less distinctive spots and splotches.  The latter is sometimes called mosquito agate.

Metaphysically, all agates can be used for enhanced integrity, endurance, and statiliby.  The dendrites add an element of growth, abundance, and flow and connectivity within a system.  Dendrites are a type of organic fractal geometry that feels more feminine and wild, as compared to more contained sacred geometry.  Dendrites form patterns that are found prolifically in nature, such as in rivers, tree branches and roots, lightning, and many of our internal physical systems like the veins, bronchial passages, and neural pathways, and so on. 

As with the Doctrine of Signatures from the Plant Kingdom, the use of dendritic minerals would be among the first to select when you are addressing any system of connectivity that has this kind of flowing fractal aspect.  In this respect, dendritic agate would be considered a "technical worker", in that it would make other directed work and energy flow through networks of connectivity in a more supported way, regardless of the work being initiated.