Labradorite Strechy Bracelet MDJEW052

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Labradorite Stetchy Bracelet
Measures Approximately: 7 3/4" - 8" 
Approximately: 23pc 8mm Beads
For ONE Bracelet
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I love stretchy bracelets.  First, I can afford them.  Second, I don't need anyone to help me put them on.  I was able to find some truly beautiful labradorite stretchy bracelets in Tucson 2020.  They are lovely and translucent 8mm beads, approximately 23 beads per bracelet.  They would fit average to above average width wrists. If you have a delicate wrist, these will be too large.  They could absolutely be worn by dudes, too.  

Labradorite is a mixture of two chemically related but slightly different feldspars. Albite contains sodium and anorthite contains calcium. Alternating layers of albite and anorthite start to develop as labradorite cools.  Light can reflect off and between them, producing an iridescent play of color known as schiller (Old High German scilihen “to wink’).  The name comes from the Labrador Peninsula in eastern Canada. Labradorite was first documented there scientifically by Moravian missionaries in the last 18th century.

Metaphysically speaking, labradorite is an excellent stone to have on you when you are out in public.  The flash is associated with the filling in and strengthening of the auric field.  This is a type of protection, but one which assists you by helping you be less permeable to inappropriate influence.  Also, labradorite helps to modulate higher vibrational energies or concepts into a more useable format.  It basically comes with it's own expansive and grounding elements. Plus, look at it.  It's freaking amazing.