Kabamba Jasper Crystal Skull MDSKU021

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Kabamba Crystal Skull
4" x 3 1/4" x 5"
3.17 lbs (skull)
4.21 lbs (skull with decorative box)

Courtesy of Chrisopher: 
The name Kabamba Jasper is derived from its place of origin, the area of Kabamba in the west central Bongolava region of Madagascar, in the former province of Antananarivo.  The place is also commonly spelled as Kambaba.  It is also sold under the trade name Crocodile Jasper.  Kabamba Jasper was once commonly thought to be a stromatolite, the fossilized impressions of algae colonies.  However the most up to date research by the Institut Für Edelstein Prüfung suggests it is not a sedimentary rock but a volcanic rock instead, consisting of quartz, aegirine, and amphibole.

The kabamba made such a nice, consistent skull carving.  It feels smooth all the way around.  I don't see anything that seems anything like internal fractures or irregularities that is more common with quartz based carvings.  The layers of dark green and blackish orbs runs lengthwise toward the face.  The orbs look like little nebula galaxies and, honestly, it reminds me of Nebula Stone tm, which was a very trippy, awesome stone from Mexico, which was on the market about a decade ago. The colors seem to be reversed, however.  Orbicular jaspers share some commonalities, such as protection, intuitive insight, and parts to whole work.  A volcanic origin would suggest potency, purification and the primal creative destruction.  The first time that I bought a kabamba jasper stone, I immediately put it in my coin purse inside my wallet.  I'm not sure why, except that the color green in rocks and in general is usually associated with abundance.  I did eventually end up working for a company that imports that same rock and pays my salary.  So... hmm.  

I pulled three Crystal Whisper cards for this skull, who may have just said that it's name was Jeb or Jed.  Not really a name in my head, so, there you go.  The cards were: Manifestation, Protection and Safety, and Energy Regulator.  I would interpret that all fairly literally. Manifestation was my first instinct about kabamba jasper when I first encountered it, so this card is in alignment with my gut reaction to the stone from way back when.  Protection is a property of all stones with orbs or eyes, as in the watchful eye of God that dispells the "evil eye" from others wishing you harm.  The energy regulator part is what is most interesting to me about this skull.  Energy regulation is a very important background foundation upon which a smooth flowing system is based.  I tried to get more specific details on the regulation property, but when I held it and asked for more information, it nearly put me to sleep.  That might indicate that it works with dream states or altered states in a way that maintains balance and flow through those activities.  I'm still feeling a little out of it, but... yeah... that sometimes is just me. :) I toggle into altered states fairly easily at this point of my life.

I'd recommend this skull for someone who is actively engaging manifestation rituals, positive affirmations, and dream integrated meditation based manifestation work.