Ibis Jasper Flame MDIBIS001

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Ibis Jasper Flame
2.38 lbs
5 1/4 X 4 X 2 1/2"

Ibis Jasper is a new jasper coming out of Madagascar that is incredibly good at doing shadow healing and wisdom integration work.  You can read a full blog article about it by clicking here.  It's so new that you won't find it listed in any metaphysical stone books on the market. 

This brecciated jasper looks like Ocean Jasper, polychrome jasper, and petrified wood had a baby.  You can stare at it like a lava lamp that has been frozen in time with layers, levels, and designs that are very visually interesting.  

The flame shapes are among my favorite as they symbolize illumination and the Eternal Flame of the Divine.