Graphic Feldspar Sphere - MMN008

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Graphic Feldspar Sphere

Moonstones come in all sorts of exotic variations.  These palm stones are called "graphic feldspar", which essentially means graphic moonstone.  The "graphic" part of the stone are layers of smoky quartz that get that name because the pattern that is created by the smoky quartz looks somewhat like writing.  Sometimes this type of moonstone is also called "zebra feldspar" because of the striped patterns.

Graphic Feldspar is what happens with moonstone and smoky quartz have a baby.  It's a good baby, too.  Moonstone is all up in nurturing themes, care, mothering, family, and goddesy stuff like lunar cycles, feminine mystery and power.  Smoky quartz is all about stability, grounding, protection, and also care.  The "graphic" nature brings in themes of creativity, expression, communication, and specifically, writing. 

This sphere measures approximately 2 3/4" and weighs approximately just over 1 lb.  Stand not included.