Golden Healer Girasol Quartz Freeform with Dendrites MGH009

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Golden Healer Girasol Quartz Free Form with Dendrites

“Golden healer” is a metaphysical trade name for golden yellow to ochre brown quartz colored by iron oxides like limonite. Girasol quartz is a clear to milky white cousin of star rose quartz. It typically has an opalescence or floating glow created by light scattering off microscopic fibers suspended inside it. This optical phenomenon is known as the girasol effect, from the Italian girasole, “turn to the Sun”. Both golden healer quartz and girasol quartz are associated metaphysically with spiritual and personal evolution, energy work modalities like Reiki, and emotional, mental, and physical well being.

Dendrites are a secondary growth pattern, caused by iron or manganese oxides precipitating out of water along cracks in another stone.  The name comes from the Greek dendrites, meaning “tree like”, after their resemblance to plants.  Dendrites are associated metaphysically with growth, manifestation, and recovery, since they replace the fractures in their host rock with fractal beauty instead.

This large, roughly oval, free form has a consistent golden color with many areas of dendritic growth, especially on one side.   One end sticks out further than the other like a wing.  Because the girasol is usually tinted yellow by iron oxides along natural fractures, most pieces have a crackled appearance.  This particular piece has some pronounced fractures.  It has some transparent areas but is generally opaque.

This piece measures approximately from 5 3/4" tall, 5 1/2" long, and 2 1/2" across and weigh approximately 5.06 lbs.