Garnierite "Green Moonstone" Standing Point GAR015

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Garnierite "Green Moonstone" Standing Point
Measures Approximately 6 1/2" x 1 7/8" x 2 1/2"
Weighs Approximately  1lb 13.9 oz

Garnierite is a common name for green nickel magnesium ores.  It is not recognized formally as a distinct mineral because its chemistry varies greatly.  Garnierite is created by the lateric weathering of ultramafic rocks like serpentine in tropical environments.  It is named after the 19th century French geologist Jules Garnier, who researched samples from New Caledonia in the South Pacific.  Madagascan garnierite is often sold as green moonstone because it formed along fractures in a gray to beige feldspar.  The background occasionally has a white or blue moonstone flash.

Metaphysically, garnierite is a stone of "nurturing the nurturer", replenishment after prolonged deep service or intensive healing work, and a reset for those of us who have not established appropriate boundaries of "giving and receiving", such that we give of ourselves so much that we go into a space of being drained.  It is both a refill of heart energy and a recalibration to dance in greater harmony with your personal balance.  It is also very supportive for "recovery" from activities that have taken too much from your balance, or which have been harmful to your wellbeing, such as recovering from attachment to substances, people, or situations (drama) that did not serve your highest good.    

Since the planet is going through a rather chaotic period, providing service and support to others is needed, but we would all benefit from finding the proper balance between service to others and care of the self.  Because of this, garnierite holds energies of support to mitigate martyr and rescuing dynamics, which is a common pitfall for many lightworkers who may benefit by doing more work on themselves before switching their focus to heal what is "outside" of them.   

If the garnierite also has the rainbow moonstone flash, it would include the stronger energies of flashes of insight, vision, and increased strength of the overall auric field, which is protective in nature from intrusion into your field by inappropriate influence.

To read more about the energies of garnierite, please click here.    

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