Flower Agate Palmstone - MFA029

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Flower Agate is a brand new stone coming out of Madagascar! This palmstone is semi-translucent in shades of dusty lavender with pale pink flower bursts.

Measures approx 2.5" x 1.75" x 1.25", weighs 5.1oz

Flower Agate's metaphysical properties: 
©Stacie Coller 2018

This new Flower Agate out of Madagascar is a bit like carnelian, pink chalcedony, banded agate, and fisheye ocean jasper had a baby in a white rose garden. Madagascar basically “does what she wants” when she’s making her rock babies-- and we love them all. I noticed the pale pink of the stone first, which then met up with a layer or area that looks like carnelian. There can be translucent milky to smoky areas, as well as sparkly druzy bits in the voids of some of the specimens. The “flowers” are a more opaque white chalcedony “plumes” that seem to be coming into focus from the depths of a slightly murky sea.

Christopher and I started off reading Flower Agate on Friday at the end of the day and then I brought some home with me for the weekend, so that I could do a more in-depth sampling of the energies before describing what we sensed about it. Friday, however, a very solid stream of information came through that identified Flower Agate as a technical energy worker, or one that will initiate corrections in the energy body, given a little intention and awareness. It’s main work was first described as assistance with manifestation and abundance through clearing, realignment, and empowerment of the energy body. It identified as a “get stuff done” stone, moving people into their proper groove/track with the cycles of their core alignment, purpose, and destiny. It’s a “go with the flow”, “go with your joy”, “go where the magic takes you in the here and now” kind of stone.

Other themes that came up were uncovering hidden talents and focusing sacred sexual and creative energies into usable generative potentials for moving and shaking things up to be made manifest at the physical level. It can be used to “make sacred” that which needs to be sacramentally rooted to receive the gifts that one can bring forth when sitting in alignment and connection to the earth, the joy of living, and creative expression. It may be helpful in shifting perspectives to see “the present” as a gift and a blessing, as something sacred and worthy of respect and attention.

It suggested heightened synchronicity, synergy, zest, and lusciousness unfolding, if one would be willing to “go for it” and just surrender to the faith that the universe has something really awesome to share with you in perfect timing. I have often seen carnelian as a “lust for life” stone and there are definitely those energies in Flower Agate, which contains carnelian within it. Flower Agate definitely wants you to get lustier about living your life. There was a direct womb to heart integration associated with it.

What I learned over the weekend is that Flower Agate is inherently a Sacred Feminine Trinity stone that seeks to unify, integrate, and bring flow between the Maiden, Mother, and Elder aspects of the self. When a person is acting in the physical world with those three aspects in balance and harmony with one another, there is joy in purpose, wisdom in creation, and trust in the flow of ideas, guidance, and resources from the energetic to the physical levels. In short, it tempers the innocence/joy of the Maiden with the wisdom of the Elder, to express as a new creation through the Mother.

The ability to flow with the Sacred Trinity within means being able to pull from all perspectives necessary to remain in the most fertile ground of creation and manifestation possible.

Flower Agate can be described as an energy that helps in the “reblooming” of the enjoyment of being alive after a long, perhaps painful, and exhausting movement through more dense and difficult life challenges. This stone would be well matched with someone who has gone through somewhat traumatic life events, or extended times of crisis, who has done the hard work of healing and shadow work already--but who is still feeling jaded, guarded, empty, and without joy. For these people, *Stacie raises hand*, life has been a hard journey lately, not a delightful adventure where things feel fun, easy, and free for a hot minute or two.

The maiden is the aspect within the feminine that is the most shocked, traumatized, and destroyed by an unloving and unfriendly world. It is the maiden who is first made invisible through life experiences, particularly the ones that suggest that she was never safe in a world such as this, which… you can’t even blame a girl for thinking, because it has often been true. It’s almost as if the over serious “mother” or “elder” aspects have tucked away the giggly, joyful “maiden” in some padded cell within to keep her safe.

But things are changing. We seem to be in the process of creating the new structures and realities of what it means to be female on a more “woke” earth. We need our inner maidens to be their beautiful, innocent, Pollyanna selves to nurture us with the inner giggles, trust, and unicorns of the mind, so that we can even envision what these new structures should be going forward.

The Maiden is you before the world got to you in its ugly ways. The Maiden is the rose-colored lens through which we view the world when we need to fall in love with it again, especially when it’s still a little ugly. But we still have to love it. But it's still a little ugly. But we still have to love it first before it gets less ugly. Dig? We may have to intentionally be wearing rose-colored beer goggles with being "in body"... cause... we HAVE to LOVE it, and it's not being very lovable.

Many of us need to fall in love with being embodied again. We can’t do that without healing, claiming, and re-integrating our Lisa Frank loving inner maidens, who are dripping in glitter, laughter, and mad crushes of the week. The maiden believes in true love, the goodness in the world, and puppies. Yes, of course she’s a bit delusional, but she sees the world as it “should be”. Right now, we need to remember what the world “should be”, without shaming our inner maidens for being so dang stupid about the world and placing themselves in the position to be disappointed by it again and again.

How do we create what should be if we cannot envision it? Bring on the joy and laughter, especially as the structures underneath the old ways are beginning to crumble and disintegrate! We should definitely be dancing as the walls come tumbling down.

Flower Agate should be the new totem stone for anyone, who feels like they have seen “too much” to go easily back into the mindset of spontaneous and playful dancing with a friendly and supportive universe. Stop and smell the roses, like, for real.