Emerald Green Cubic Fluorite UV's Blue FLU013

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3.25 LBS

Emerald Green Cubic Fluorite
Measures Approximately: 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3"
Weighs Approximately: 2 lbs 2.1 oz

Fluorite consist of calcium fluoride, a compound of calcium and fluorine. The name is derived from the Latin fluere (“to flow”). Fluorite can be used as a flux when smelting metals, promoting fluidity and removing impurities. Most Madagascan fluorite is green. Green fluorite can be colored by a wide range of impurities like iron, manganese, chromium, nickel, copper, and samarium. Some Madagascan fluorite is daylight fluorescent like materials from the Diana Maria and Rogerley Quarry mines in England. While it looks emerald green under artificial light, it shows blue to purple phantoms in daylight.

Most of its metaphysical properties derive from this use like bringing order to chaos, returning things to wholeness, and restoring a proper flow to the mental, emotional, or energetic bodies.  The vibrant rich color of this fluorite associates it specifically with cleansing and restoring the heart chakra, abundance, and well being.  The hidden "blue" that shows up in sunlight and under UV light makes it a fantastic specimen to have around you while you are doing mental body activities, such as meditation, studying, and in any instance where you need to stay on a particular path of consciousness. 

Some find it very useful for supporting the sleep state or the time period of falling asleep, particiularly if troubling images or thoughts spontaneously intrude upon the "just nodding off" time period.  For Heart/Mind integration activities, it would be especially useful to hold and meditate in the sunlight and allow your attention to focus on the edges between the blue and green of the specimen.