Carnelian Soap Dish/Bowl - MCARN012

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Metaphysically carnelian is associated with self empowerment, confidence, and creativity, all traits that help us express ourselves to the greater world around us.  Although historically associated with the Divine Masculine because of its iron content, responsible for the red color, the womb like druzy pockets in many carnelian pieces further associate it with the Divine Feminine, manifestation, and sacred union.

You can read Stacie's take on carnelian in her blog article here.

Bowl shapes can be used for both energetic and mundane tasks, such as serving as an offering bowl, prayer/manifestation bowl, for creating gem elixirs, or heck, maybe even put your soap or jewelry in it.  It would be especially nice to put massage oil into so you could dip your fingers into the bowl, warm the oil in your hands, and then slather it on your honey.  I like the near regular round shape of this bowl, the depth of the chalcedony transluscent layers of the dip, and the rich red of the rest of the bowl.        

This product weighs approximately 2.11 lbs. and measures approximately 5 1/2 X 4 3/4 X 1 3/4".