Bora Labradorite Necklace & Earring Set MDJEW047

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Bora Labradorite Necklace & Earring Set
925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium and Gold over Silver 
Measures Approximately
Focal piece 2 3/8" long x 1/2" wide - 9 stones
Chain will hang approximately 18", but adjustable shorter
Earrings 3/4" x 1/2" ,  1 3/4" long to top of hoop- 2 lab in each setting

Bora is the jewelry company of Brooklyn-based designer Barbaros Yasar.  He travels back and forth between his native home of Turkey and his studio in NY.  He is one of Amy Kawar's favorite specialty designers.  His style combines antique and contemporary designs, as well as elements of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.  He tends to use multi-color metals that are oxidized with gold accent over silver.  His style is super interesting and elegant.  It just looks "rich", if you know what I mean.  You can almost not get into his booth in Tucson.  It's so well displayed and kind of mesmerizing, to be honest.  

This set has a horizontal pendant bar that has 9 small, faceted labradorite squares.  I noticed that one has natural fractures on the corner, but that is pretty common with labradorite and that stone was put there that way.  The metal is rhodium plated with gold accents over the silver with several different textures.  It's just gorgeous.  He ain't cheap, but he IS fabulous.  The earrings echo the colors, textures, and faceted labradorite in it's design and they have the ~most cool~ earwires that I have seen.  Truly different and breathtaking.  

Labradorite is a mixture of two chemically related but slightly different feldspars. Albite contains sodium and anorthite contains calcium. Alternating layers of albite and anorthite start to develop as labradorite cools.  Light can reflect off and between them, producing an iridescent play of color known as schiller (Old High German scilihen “to wink’).  The name comes from the Labrador Peninsula in eastern Canada. Labradorite was first documented there scientifically by Moravian missionaries in the last 18th century.

Labradorite is one of the most useful stones to work with as it is fabulous for energy cleansing, auric field strengthening, and support for flashes of insight, intuition, and brilliance/creativity.

To read more about the metaphysical properties of labradorite, you can click here.

About Enter the Earth's Retail Jewelry Line

We go to Tucson every year to buy a majority of the jewelry we have in our store in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.  It's a crazy, fun task, as you can imagine.  Amy and I usually divide and conquer Tucson.  She goes straight for the funky and unusual, the sophisiticated and artistic. She doesn't look at the price too much when she finds something that moves her aesthetic, but sometimes fabulous just costs what it costs.  She finds the single artists who aren't cranking out volume, but who are creating things that are different.  I'm not sure if you understand how hard it is to find something truly different in the jewelry world, but that is Amy's task in Tuscon (and other shows) and she does it exceedingly well.    

Since I'm one of the store managers, my job is to get jewelry that is made well, beautiful, and "stone centric".  I find the every day beautiful pieces that most people can afford.  I'm also a crystal/energy worker, so I'm usually scouting out pieces that are pretty AND energetically supportive.  Juicy, helpful pieces.  You know what I mean?  I rarely select overtly metaphysical designs, but I pluck up the pieces that can manage to give me a good buzz in the chaotic, loud energy space that is the Tucson Gem Show. 

When my eyes go numb with over stimulation--and yes, it is possible to see too many shiny things in a day--I will often resort to scanning for the right piece with my hands.  It's kinda like dowsing without a pendulum.  I've been a crystal worker since my late 20's and I'm in my early 50's now, so it's been a hot minute that I've been kanoodling with the mineral kingdom.  If you don't know what might be helpful and are looking for a piece of jewelry that would be supportive to you, I'm definitely happy to help.  

Since 2020 is literally the weirdest year ever, we are going to be spending more time sharing the retail jewelry collection here on the website instead of letting it languish in a store with a fraction of our normal foot traffic.  This year is changing so many things!  So, stay tuned!  More jewelry is coming! 

If you don't see a piece you love in the stone you want, please contact us and we will see what we have at the physical store in downtown Asheville for you.  Renee' Kawar, the owner's mother, takes care of our distant rock/jewelry shoppers, so if you are looking for specific jewelry that you don't see on the website, we will do our best to look through the store backstock to see what we have.  Just email and describe what you are seeking, and your price range, and we will get you photos or quick video clips of what we have!  If you need a metaphysical consult for what stone might be helpful to wear with whatever situation you got going on, you can email me at  Since we are dividing our time between the retail store and the website these days, please be patient if it takes us a business day or two to get back to you.   We have certain days set aside to do website tasks and the other days we are in the physical store.