Black Tourmaline Sphere BT005

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Black Tourmaline Sphere
Measures Approximately 2 5/8"
Weighs Approximately 1 lb  .5oz

The name tourmaline refers to a group of related borosilicate minerals, containing boron, silicon, and oxygen. They all have the same crystal structure but differ in their specific chemical makeup. The name comes from the Sinhalese toramalli (“gemstone”). The vast majority of tourmaline is the sodium and iron rich black variety. Black tourmaline was known historically as schorl, after the mining village of Zschorlau in Germany.  

Metaphysically, black tourmaline is one of the most popular "protection and shielding" stones. It is said to deflect negativity directed at one and, like a mirror, deflects it back to its originating source.  Some like to place 4 black tourmalines in the corners of a room to create a protected, sacred space that is free from inappropriate influences.

Tourmaline is typically not a perfectly smooth polished surface as the striations of the the natural crystal can sometimes create pits and grooves in even the most thorough polishing process.  It sometimes can present with some quartz or other inclusions, including chrysocolla.