Big and Bold Amber Pendant MDJEW059

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Amber Sterling Silver Pendant
Stone Measures Approximately: 2 1/8" x 1 7/8" x 3/4"
Bail Measures Approximately: 1/2" long, 3/8" opening for slide or chain
Weighs Approximately: 1.2 oz

Amber is in a category all by itself.  It is the fossilized resin of trees and as such is one of the stones on the planet that holds associations with multiple kingdoms, plant and mineral.  Resin itself is like the blood of the tree, which is something that sunlight nourishes.  Because of all of that, amber also has an energetic connection to sunshine.  Lastly, an interesting association is that the resin of the tree often traps insects and other wee beasties within it, immobilizing and preserving them.  This gives amber protective qualities as well.

My experience with amber is that while I was going through a very rough time, I was absolutely unable to leave my house without shoving a hunk of copal (baby amber) into my bra, right over my heart.  It had a warming comfort to it.  When I meditated to find out why I was so drawn to this protocol of putting it over my heart, I received information that amber and copal can be used in the instances when someone is under so much stress that they are essentially "in shock".  You interact with amber for the same reason that a person in shock gets a blanket put around them.  Also, my heart chakra had been seriously compromised from my situation and was ripped open and vulnerable to energetic wee beastie.  The copal that I kept over my heart acted like sap... and trapped energetic "insects" so that they did not infiltrate my system, even though my heart was ripped right open. I held to this strategy for a full year.  If you feel you need that help, but don't want to shell out the bucks for a very nice piece of jewelry, get yourself a nice piece/specimen of amber and stick that sucker right in your bra.  Consider chucking it into a fire after a year.


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We go to Tucson every year to buy a majority of the jewelry we have in our store in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.  It's a crazy, fun task, as you can imagine.  Amy and I usually divide and conquer Tucson.  She goes straight for the funky and unusual, the sophisiticated and artistic. She doesn't look at the price too much when she finds something that moves her aesthetic, but sometimes fabulous just costs what it costs.  She finds the single artists who aren't cranking out volume, but who are creating things that are different.  I'm not sure if you understand how hard it is to find something truly different in the jewelry world, but that is Amy's task in Tuscon (and other shows) and she does it exceedingly well.    


Since I'm one of the store managers, my job is to get jewelry that is made well, beautiful, and "stone centric".  I find the every day beautiful pieces that most people can afford.  I'm also a crystal/energy worker, so I'm usually scouting out pieces that are pretty AND energetically supportive.  Juicy, helpful pieces.  You know what I mean?  I rarely select overtly metaphysical designs, but I pluck up the pieces that can manage to give me a good buzz in the chaotic, loud energy space that is the Tucson Gem Show. 


When my eyes go numb with over stimulation--and yes, it is possible to see too many shiny things in a day--I will often resort to scanning for the right piece with my hands.  It's kinda like dowsing without a pendulum.  I've been a crystal worker since my late 20's and I'm in my early 50's now, so it's been a hot minute that I've been kanoodling with the mineral kingdom.  If you don't know what might be helpful and are looking for a piece of jewelry that would be supportive to you, I'm definitely happy to help.  


Since 2020 is literally the weirdest year ever, we are going to be spending more time sharing the retail jewelry collection here on the website instead of letting it languish in a store with a fraction of our normal foot traffic.  This year is changing so many things!  So, stay tuned!  More jewelry is coming! 


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