Angelite and Rainbow Moonstone Stretchy Bracelet MDJEW054

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Angelite & Rainbow Moonstone Stretchy Bracelet
6 1/2"-7 1/2"
8mm beads - 8 Rainbow Moonstone, 14 Angelite, 4 Blingy CZ Spacers
For 1 (ONE) Bracelet
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There are two types of "bracelet people", fine and elastic.  I am mostly an elastic bracelet person for a couple of reasons.  One, my bracelet budget is decidedly not very high.  Fine bracelets can be among the most expensive pieces of jewelry to purchase.  Second, I live alone.  I need to be able to snap my bracelet on without needing help from anyone else.  Also, I tend to wear stretchy bracelets for energetic support and am somewhat less concerned with the bling effect.  Additionally, I usually wear the same bracelets on each wrist, Wonder Woman style, because I have always felt more balanced when I have the energies supporting both sides of my body to account for polarity in my energy field.

These sweet bracelets are a wonderful combination of angelite and rainbow moonstone with just enough bling to make blingier bracelet people happy.  Angelite is a creamy, light blue stone from Peru that was discovered in the late 80's.  It kinda looks like a powdered sugar coated potato in the rough, when broken open, reveals this gorgeous sky blue stone.  It's associated with a deeper connection to angelic helpers, protection, support, and higher guidance.  Rainbow Moonstone is a type of feldspar that gives a wink and a flash of magical color that looks like a ray of light is coming out of the stone.  It's associated with the Divine Feminine, nurturing, magical insight, intuition, dreams, introspection, and all things mystical and Stevie Nicks like.  It's a great combo.