Amethyst Geode Cathedral with Banded Agate MDAME018

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Amethyst Geode Cathedral with Banded Agate 

Admit it.  You probably have rock lust for one of these.  For good reason, too.  I have an altar sized amethyst geode cathedral in my bedroom and I love it. I use it like a docking and "charging" station.  These kinds of geode cathedrals are formed in ancient lava tubes, so they have the additional property of purification and pathways to purification, as well as all the other fantastic properties of straight up amethyst. 

I rest small pieces of jewelry, other stones, or tinctures and elixirs within the space when it feels like they need some cleansing and care.  Sometimes I may even write out a prayer or intention and fold it up and put it in there, too.  There is just something about having a substatial amethyst specimen in a space that makes that space automatically more serene and sacred.  The super large amethyst geode cathedrals are getting really expensive, but the table top sizes are still within reach, imho.

This amethyst geode cathedral is more rare than others because it has a banded agate crust, or outer layer.  Agates add strength, protection, and endurance to any other mineral combination. 

To read more about amethyst and why it's so awesome, please click here.

It measures approximately 6 x 5 x 3 3/4" and weighs approximately 5.10 lbs.